Beginning with integrated performance monitoring and management plans, we design data collection processes to help ensure projects meet their targets and measure their success. Our team comprises of qualified monitoring and evaluation personnel who have extensive international contacts to enable them to conduct localized surveys and focus group studies in different parts of the world.

Our team is equipped to perform monitoring and evaluation in support of complex democracy & governance, rule of law, criminal justice system & law enforcement capacity development, and security sector reform programs.

Most of our M&E experts are also highly regarded practitioners in the programs they monitor & evaluate, thus their approach focuses on developing performance monitoring systems that are highly useful to decision makers for organizational learning and overall program efficiency.

Our experts can help client improve performance and accountability and can undertake rigorous field-testing of programs and serve as evaluators on a wide range of initiatives developed by other organizations. Our experts help clients determine program relevance, cost effectiveness, aid recipient buy-in, sustainability evaluation, and organizational impact of development programs.