National Security Education & Training (NS-EDU)

BlueLaw has capabilities and experience in security sector reform, peacekeeping, civil military relations and national security law, policy, and educations programs.

Our experts have designed and taught graduate level courses in national security strategy, regional security cooperation, maritime security, peacekeeping, disaster preparedness and relief, radicalization and terrorism, cross cultural communications, and area studies supporting various US centers of excellence in international relations and security policy.

Some of our current and past projects under this practice area are:
• Supporting Center Civil Military Relations (CCMR) Leader Development Education for Sustained Peace by providing subject matter experts and instructors in key areas of regional priorities for regional seminars and distance learning programs. 

• Developing and executing a comprehensive training program for the country of Paraguay to ensure the ability to conduct advanced water and land borne operations and to successfully patrol, intercept, and seize contraband entering and/or circulating in the country. We selected, educated, and trained state and local law enforcement personnel in modern practices compliant to international due process standards. Training focused on the fundamental skills and requirements relevant to Paraguay’s border security situations. This involved the full spectrum conduct of anti-contraband operations, including – but not limited to – pursuit, interception, boarding, investigation and detection, seizing, recording, and facilitating as well as presenting evidence (contraband) in court.

• Advising and consulting with the Near East and South Asia Center for Strategic Studies (NESA), the newest of the Department of Defense’s regional centers, on various topics of defense, including peacekeeping, national security, and strategic studies.
• Designing and implementing mock trial training for the United States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory’s (USACIL) program for forensic examiners.