BlueLaw offers a wide variety of services directly related to technical and functional aspects and implementation projects under our practice areas. We also provide services to augment our core customer support requirements, such as staff augmentation, translations, simultaneous interpretations and pre-employment screening.

Project Management and Implementation

In order to implement projects in our practice areas, we have a home office based staff focused on project management, who are further supported by the company’s accounting and administration unit. The project managers interface with the clients to ensure timeline and deliverables are met, ensure quality and performance, and record and share project information.

Translation, Interpretation, Conference Management Services

Zambia conference

BlueLaw first began offering translation, interpretation, and conference management services as part of implementing DOS-INL’s International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) training contract in 2012. In the course of delivering graduate-level criminal justice instruction to 350 foreign law enforcement and criminal justice sector officials representing ten different countries, BlueLaw translated and delivered the courses with simultaneous interpretations in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Serbian, Croatian, Romanian and Macedonian. Since then our Translation, Interpretation and Conference Management services have substantially grown to include a core team of forty translators and interpreters that cover more than twelve languages. We work with highly recommended conference organizers and have an extensive network, in the US and overseas, of translators, interpreters, and vendors. Our home-based project management team is able to provide translation, interpretation, and conference support services. We employ translators and interpreters with best technologies and proven skills to assist them. Many of our translators and interpreters are U.S. Department of State rated and qualified. Request information about our Translation & Interpretation Conference Management Services

Project Monitoring & Evaluation, Survey, Data Collection Service

Beginning with integrated performance monitoring and management plans, we design data collection processes to help ensure projects meet their targets and measure their success. Our team comprises of qualified monitoring and evaluation personnel who have extensive international contacts to enable them to conduct localized surveys and focus group studies in different parts of the world. Our team is equipped to perform monitoring and evaluation in support of complex democracy & governance, rule of law, criminal justice system & law enforcement capacity development, and security sector reform programs. Most of our M&E experts are also highly regarded practitioners in the programs they monitor & evaluate, thus their approach focuses on developing performance monitoring systems that are highly useful to decision makers for organizational learning and overall program efficiency. Our experts can help client improve performance and accountability and can undertake rigorous field-testing of programs and serve as evaluators on a wide range of initiatives developed by other organizations. Our experts help clients determine program relevance, cost effectiveness, aid recipient buy-in, sustainability evaluation, and organizational impact of development programs. Request information about our Survey and Data Collection and M&E Services.

Background Investigations & Polygraph Examinations. BlueLaw first began offering polygraph examination services in 2008, in support of Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and USAID’s Anti-Corruption Threshold Country Program (TCP) in Paraguay. Under this program, BlueLaw organized, mentored, and operationalized a 115-person customs and border control task force of handpicked members of the Paraguayan Police, Navy, Attorney General’s Office and Customs’ Office. The vetting of these personnel involved conducting hundreds of polygraph examinations of recruits to Paraguay’s first inter-agency law enforcement and customs and border patrol unit. Since then our Polygraph Examination Services has substantially grown to a core team of 40 Federal examiners with National Center for Credibility Assessment (NCCA) Certification, and a potential surge capacity of more than 200 federal and non-federal examiners. Request information about out Background Investigation and Polygraph Examinations Services.

Read about our Background Investigators and Polygraph Investigators Link.

Staff Augmentation. Many of our clients have ongoing programs and projects that have recurring but hard to find subject matter experts. We maintain an active network across the globe with experts in our core practice areas and are able to meet clients’ short and medium term staffing requirements by placing such experts on short-term and medium-term assignments. We are especially adept at bringing together multi-disciplinary bi-lingual teams tailored to support complex projects. Request information about our Staff Augmentation Services.

Overseas Project Site Survey, Security Assessment and Project Start Up Support. Our Project Site Survey, Security Assessment and Support services began while providing proposal support to as a sub-contractor of Chemonics International under the USAID BRDG, ENGAGE, SWIFT, REDI Justice, and ROL IQC program. BlueLaw was hired to provide proposal reconnaissance (popularly known as G-Trip) support, during which BlueLaw interviewed stakeholders to gain a better understanding of the project context, recruited local personnel and implementing partners, and surveyed project office and life mission support and security conditions, cost, and availability. Since then BlueLaw has contributed to many successful proposal bids and start-up efforts in South Asia, Middle East, and Latin America. BlueLaw also has capabilities to provide specific development security assessments and establish security systems and protocols for development projects in high risk environments. Request information about our Overseas Project Site Survey, Security Assessment and Project Start up Services.

– Specialized Training Facilitation. Designed to maximize impact and sustainability, our Specialized Training Facilitation services emphasizes local capacity building for staff and partners. We offer numerous short courses covering broad areas relevant to international development projects such as security awareness, report writing, financial management & accounting, results measurement, public relations, and project management courses. Request information about our Specialized Training Facilitation Services and Course Descriptions.