Our Home Office staff is augmented by Field Staff, Senior Associates, and Consultants as required by new and ongoing projects. Our previous and present staff and associates come from diverse backgrounds and from many parts of the world.

We are able to sustain the quality of our projects and succeed in our mission to help people live in just, accessible, and secure communities through the support and participation of our senior associates in our core practice areas. A list of our Senior Associates is provided below.

Henry W. McGowen, J.D. BlueLaw Senior Associate for Democracy & Governance and Rule of Law.

Henry-McGowen-e1373037567413Judicial Reform and Education

Henry W. McGowen is BlueLaw’s Senior Associate for Democracy and Governance and Rule of Law practice. He currently works with BlueLaw as an Instructor at the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) in Roswell, NM and participates with the ILEA team in presenting international legal standards and best practices to delegates from Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Africa. Mr. McGowen covers topics in various fields of law enforcement including model law, anti-corruption, money laundering, and witness protection workshops.

Mr. McGowen has over twenty years of distinguished experience in the management of multi-faceted projects, development of sustainable institutions, the practice of law and business. He has considerable experience in the field of law, with a particular focus on law enforcement and has also spent many years in the courtroom in various roles, serving as a municipal judge, a state prosecutor, and an attorney representing individuals.

Mr. McGowen has worked for a decade abroad in international legal development and judicial reform programs. He was instrumental in the development of Kosovo Judicial Institute, which was established in a post-conflict environment to provide training for judges and prosecutors. The Institute evolved into a full-fledged magistrate school with an expanded curriculum, which included continuous education in law in addition to initial legal education. Mr. McGowen was involved in course instruction, curriculum development, grant funding, and management of the Institute for several years.

Additionally, Mr. McGowen has managed large teams of legal professionals in multi-cultural environments, both internationally and domestically. He is experienced at building partnerships among organizations with varied interests, finding common ground to achieve organizational goals. Mr. McGowen has authored several papers and reports on various topics including war crimes in Kosovo and independence of the judiciary in the CIS. Mr. McGowen has a BA in Economics from the University of Texas, a Juris Doctor from St. Mary’s University, and an Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership from the University of Notre Dame.

Howard Fenton, BlueLaw Senior Associate for Democracy & Governance and Rule of Law.

Howard-Fenton-e1379958666648Administrative Law, International Trade Law, Legislative Process and Governance

Howard Fenton is BlueLaw’s Senior Associate for Democracy and Governance and Rule of Law practice. Mr. Fenton is the Founding Director of the highly regarded Democratic Governance and the Rule of Law LL.M. Program at Ohio Northern University. He teaches Public Law and Legal Process, Comparative Administrative Law, and the LL.M. Capstone Rule of Law Seminar. Howard also practiced regulatory and international trade law in Washington, D.C. for nine years before becoming a law professor in 1984. He has taught courses in International Business Transactions, International Law, Administrative Law, and Contract Law. He has served on seven dispute settlement panels under the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Since 1996 Mr. Fenton has been an active consultant on administrative law reform, public participation in governance, and the legislative process as a BlueLaw consultant for USAID in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Africa. From 2001 to 2002 he served as Chief of Party for USAID’s Rule of Law project in Tbilisi, Georgia.

He is co-author of the 2008 USAID publication “Using Administrative Law Tools and Concepts to Strengthen USAID Programming: A Guide for USAID Democracy and Governance Officers.” Most recently, Mr. Fenton has assisted in legislative review and conducted training sessions on drafting statutes and regulations in Kosovo and served as an advisor to the Parliament of Georgia on constitutional and administrative justice reforms. He has a B.S. and J.D. with honors from the University of Texas.

Theresa Ristenpart, BlueLaw Senior Associate for Democracy & Governance and Rule of Law.

Theresa-Ristenpart-e1373327314429Criminal Law, Trial Advocacy & Model Law

Theresa Ristenpart is a practicing trial attorney with over ten years of experience in criminal law. Ms. Ristenpart worked in Chicago prosecuting high-tech and white collar crimes. Additionally, she has worked as a children’s law advocate, specializing in juvenile delinquency, criminal law and children’s rights.

Ms. Ristenpart also worked with the Washoe County Public Defender’s Office. While there, she worked her way up as one of the premier trial attorneys in the Intensive Trial Unit handling high-profile murders, sexual assaults, and multi-jurisdiction drug cases. Ms. Ristenpart has tried over thirty jury trials and fifty bench trials. She is known for her passionate advocacy, creative trial skills, and incorporation of the latest technology into trials.

In 2012, Ms. Ristenpart led an NGO in West Bank, Palestine, mentoring local criminal defense lawyers and setting up a working indigent criminal defense system. She conducted court observations throughout the West Bank, implemented specialized training programs on trial skills and legal writing, and organized mock trial courtroom programs. Ms. Ristenpart is an adjunct professor with the University of Reno, Nevada.

She also instructs local sheriff’s deputies on criminal law and procedures in intensive five-week courses. She volunteers as a mock trial coach and presents continuing legal education courses with the Nevada State Bar. She supervises certified third-year law school students, mentoring them in trial litigation skills.

Janet Lord, BlueLaw Senior Associate for Human Rights & Inclusive Development.

placeholdHuman Rights, Disability Law & Policy, Inclusive Development

Janet Lord is an international lawyer and development practitioner with more than twenty years of professional experience. A co-founder of BlueLaw International LLP, Ms. Lord directs the human rights and disability inclusive development practice and provides subject matter expertise in human rights law and policy reform, advocacy, monitoring and complaints mechanism, election access for marginalized populations, building and strengthening national human rights institutions and international disability rights.

She has designed, managed, and implemented projects addressing the implementation of disability law and policy in more than thirty countries worldwide. Her work experience includes working with international human rights and inclusive development donors such as USAID, DOS/DRL, NCD, UNDESA, UNDP, World Bank, GTZ, EU and private foundations; establishing strong and diverse partnerships with development firms, non-profits and university institutes, such as American Institutes for Research, Harvard Law School, American University, IFES, Louis Berger Group, Yale University School of Public Health, University College London, Stimson Center; and authoring or co-authoring a wide array of scholarly as well as practitioner-oriented international law, development, and human rights publications.

Dr. Michael Stein, BlueLaw Senior Associate for Human Rights & Inclusive Development.

placeholdHuman Rights, Disability Law, Policy and Education

Michael Stein is an internationally recognized expert on disability law and policy. He participated in the drafting of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and works with disabled peoples organizations around the world.

He actively consults with governments on their disability laws and policies, advises a number of UN bodies and national human rights institutions, and has brought landmark litigation concerning disability rights. His path-breaking scholarship has been published globally by leading journals. Mr. Stein has received numerous awards for his work, including the inaugural Morton E. Ruderman Prize for Inclusion, the inaugural Henry Viscardi Achievement Award, the ABA Paul G. Hearne Award, and was appointed by President Obama to the United States Holocaust Council. Dr. Stein holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School and a Ph.D. from Cambridge University.

He is the Co-founder and Executive Director of the Harvard Law School Project on Disability and a longtime Visiting Professor at Harvard Law School. Formerly a professor at William & Mary Law School, he has also taught at New York University and Stanford’s law schools. Dr. Stein holds an Extraordinary Professor chair at the University of Pretoria’s Centre for Human Rights and a visiting professorship at the Free University of Amsterdam.

Hezzy Smith, J.D. BlueLaw Senior Associate for Human Rights & Inclusive Development (HR-ID)

placeholdHuman Rights, Disability Law and Inclusive Development

Mr. Hezzy Smith is a Fulbright award-winning attorney with a J.D. from American University, a B.A. from Harvard University and has over eight years of on-the-ground experience working with and training DPOs, with deep ties to DPO and legal communities worldwide. A lifelong advocate for his sister, who has Down Syndrome, he began work for HPOD in Bangladesh in 2009.

Mr. Smith was contracted by Disability Rights Fund, a longtime grant-maker for the DPOs, to provide the first training for DPOs in Bangladesh on the DRPA, which then led to strategic litigation by project partners that accelerated the adoption of DRPA regulations.

He has authored amici curiae briefs for cases in the Mexican Supreme Court and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights; served as an expert witness on disability rights in U.S. legal proceedings; advocated successfully for CRPD-sensitive provisions in UN policies; provided direct legal services to PWDs and CWDs; published on national and international disability law; and trained decision-makers, professionals, and activists in India, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, and the United States.

Dr. Robert J. Diemer, BlueLaw Senior Associate for Security & Justice and Police Capacity Development.

diemerCriminal Justice Education & Training

Dr. Robert J. Diemer is a Professor of Criminal Justice and serves as the Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies in Criminal Justice for Saint Leo University. He is also the President of the Society for Public Safety and is a retired career law enforcement officer with over thirty years of varied investigative experience.

Dr. Diemer has extensive knowledge in the area of undercover operations and expertise in drug enforcement investigations, aviation and tribal policing. He has testified as an expert witness in federal courts on undercover and surveillance operations. Mr. Diemer has served as a Deputy Sheriff, State Coordinator for the Florida Sheriff’s Association Statewide Task Force, and as Chief of Investigations for the Florida Department of Environmental Protections’ Division of Law Enforcement.

He was responsible for managing and coordinating the operations of the Florida Department of Environmental Protections Environmental Terrorism Response Team for a number of years.

Dr. Diemer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Saint Leo University, a Master of Education from National Louis University and a doctorate with a specialization in criminology and social psychology from The Union Institute. He is internationally recognized for his law enforcement experience, guest lectures throughout the United States, and has been an adjunct professor at several universities.

Robert Gaugler, BlueLaw Senior Associate for Security & Justice and Police Capacity Development.

GauglerPic_2013_10Transnational Organized Crime, Trafficking and Law Enforcement Intelligence

Robert “Bob” Gaugler is a Captain in New Jersey State Police and a highly decorated police officer with more than twenty-seven years of law enforcement experience. Mr. Gaugler enlisted as a trooper in 1986 and has risen through the ranks of New Jersey State Police to his current assignment as the Commander of the Intelligence Section–Official Corruption Bureau.

As a veteran in law enforcement, Mr. Gaugler possesses extensive leadership and supervisory experience. He provides expertise in criminal investigations, intelligence development, Homeland Security measures, and innovative law enforcement practices and procedures. Over the course of his distinguished career, he has held several high profile assignments in the areas of organized crime, narcotics, office of professional standards, and violent street gangs.

Mr. Gaugler has developed an extensive knowledge and understanding of large-scale criminal organizations, gangs, and smuggling trends and is a court recognized and certified expert in the field of organized criminal groups and narcotics trafficking. He has created and instituted various strategies to investigate and combat global crime and terrorist activity, enhanced intelligence efforts, and provided innovative Homeland Security measures. Mr. Gaugler has provided training and instruction related to transnational criminal activity, traditional and non-traditional organized criminal groups/gangs, smuggling trends and techniques, and intelligence-led policing to various law enforcement forums and academies.

Mr. Gaugler has a proven record of successful partnerships with other law enforcement agencies, jurisdictions, and personnel throughout the United States and abroad. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy Executive Leadership School and holds a Masters of Professional Education and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Seton Hall University, New Jersey.

Peter Wilson, BlueLaw Senior Associate for Security & Justice and Police Capacity Development.

PeterWilson-e1379959188339Training, Investigations and Human Trafficking Awareness

Peter Wilson spent over twenty years as a Police Officer, Criminal Investigator, and Police Trainer in England. On leaving operational policing in 2000, he became a Police Training and Investigations Consultant working on short and long term projects and has over thirty-three years of experience in operational training for police and investigators, the management of human resources, and the management of police and criminal investigations, which includes practical experience in the design, development, management and implementation of capacity building programs for training and reform, and the delivery of training courses using interactive participant-centered learning techniques and methodologies at all levels and in different environments, including peacekeeping and reform.

His clients come from the UK, Western Europe, the Balkans, Central Asia, Central and Eastern Africa, the Caucuses, the Caribbean and the Middle East, particularly from conflict zones and transitional countries.

In addition to developing and delivering training in the normal range of policing, management and investigative subjects, he specializes in human trafficking awareness and investigations and is an expert in the training and use of the PEACE interviewing model for victims, witnesses, and suspects and in the implementation of community policing projects.

Peter Skangos, BlueLaw Senior Associate for Criminal Justice & Police Capacity Development.

Pete-skangosInformation Technology, Social Media and Strategic Planning

A proven leader in launching, leading, and growing Enterprise Solution product and service companies, Peter Skangos brings over twenty-eight years of management, marketing, sales, and innovative product launch and delivery experience to BlueLaw.

With deep experience in both federal and commercial industries, he has served in many executive management roles in small to large companies, including PRO-telligent, Cap Gemini, Ernst Young, Deloitte, Thermo Electron, and ANSER. Starting from the early days of Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) (SDIO/Star Wars) programs, Mr. Skangos has been involved with establishing the National Test Facility and space fight experiments for kinetic energy weapons to remediation efforts associated with nuclear waste for the Department of Energy, International Narcotics Law Enforcement, and IT Systems consolidation for the US Department of State. Most recently, Mr. Skangos has been involved in assisting companies grow their customer value proposition to the US Department of State, USAID and UK’s Department for International Development (DFID).

His focus has centered on capacity building initiatives for international stabilization operation efforts as well as information technology and social media analysis related to diplomacy and intelligence. Mr. Skangos holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering from Brooklyn Polytechnic University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

David Hamon, Senior Associate, Research, Analysis, Studies and Performance Management.

placeholdResearch & Analysis, National Security, Foreign Policy and Development

David Hamon is a Distinguished Analyst and Founding Director of Banyan Analytics, ANSER institute, and Board of Trustees Initiative. He has thirty-five years of progressive experience in public service, including over twenty years in international affairs.

He was formerly seconded to DoD and most recently he is (seconded to) the Director for Strategic Research and Dialogues, Defense Threat Reduction Agency. In that office, he managed a diverse research portfolio of strategic studies and products in various roles. He is skilled at developing research initiatives on difficult problems and creating dialogue opportunities to address international security, public health, and disaster preparedness challenges.

He served as Regional Director of Strategy and Policy for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, African Affairs, where he founded the Defense Health Prevention Program for HIV prevention among African militaries. At ANSER he assisted UN humanitarian organizations with operational policies, planning, logistics, and civil-military cooperation. He trained military and civilians in international civil-military cooperation as part of the Pacific Command Center for Excellence. He has served on the UNAIDS Military Sector International Task Force, on the CIA State Failure Working Group, and as a consultant to Argonne National Laboratory – Decision Sciences Division.

He served as an advisor on HIV to the Office of the Secretary of Defense—African Affairs, the U.S. Navy, and UNAIDS organization. He is a Non-Resident Fellow at the Pacific Forum, CSIS, and serves as a contributing faculty for the Army Command and General Staff College.

Myra Howze Shiplett, Senior Associate, Research, Analysis, Studies, and Performance Management.

placeholdResearch & Analysis, Human Resource Capital Development, Change Management and Strategic Planning, and Program Evaluations

Myra Howze Shiplett is an international human capital development expert. Her specialized expertise includes leadership, management, and organization development and assessment; strategic planning, administrative systems design and governance transformation; and program implementation and evaluations.

She has more than twenty years of experience in international and domestic government reform programs and in the design and implementation of successful change management strategies and processes. Prior to consulting, Ms. Shiplett was a career executive in US federal service, served as the Assistant Director for HR and Statistics for the US Federal Judiciary, directed the National Academy of Public Administration’s Human Resources Research Center, and has worked with organization and civil service reform projects in Albania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, Indonesia, Iraq, and Cambodia.

Some of her recent international assignments include the restructuring of the organization and functions of the Palestine Pension Authority; assisting the European Commission to analyze the impact of its public diplomacy efforts in the US and to develop a workforce measurement process; assisting the Ministry of Economy and Finance for the Government of Cambodia in change management of their financial systems; and assisting the Office of Technology and Innovation, Customs and Border Patrol develop its strategic human capital plan, and assisting the United States Air Force with an organizational assessment.

Ronald Seligman, Senior Associate, Research, Analysis, Studies and Performance Management.

placeholdMonitoring and Evaluation in International Development

Ronald Seligman is an international development expert with extensive experience in performance management and M&E, having worked with USAID programs since 1977. He has over three decades of development experience in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, including on-the-ground experience in Cuba, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Ghana, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Peru.

He brings significant expertise working with partner organizations to design, analyze, and implement performance management strategies for the benefit of marginalized and high-risk groups. He designed M&E systems for USAID and Gates Foundation and developed M&E plans for anti-corruption and civil society programs in Panama, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. In 2000, he worked for the Global Development Group in Cuba, where he conducted a rapid assessment of a Havana hospital as part of a three-year institutional strengthening program.

He developed a program results framework based on patient outcomes and other key data indicators. He also developed databases to facilitate program M&E, drafted an evaluation field manual for staff members, and trained personnel in statistical monitoring and database use. He is a UNDP-certified international M&E expert in results-based performance appraisal procedures across development sectors with proven success in ensuring partner compliance with M&E management plans.

He worked with the UNDP and the Government of Rwanda in 2013 to design a new M&E strategy using best practice indicators for the office of the Prime Minister of Rwanda. Previously, he ran his own firm, Interdesarollo Associados, in Colombia for seven years, where he provided technical assistance to over 800 NGOs. He is fluent in Spanish and French and holds a Master of Professional Studies in International Development from Cornell University’s Center for International Studies.

Adriaan Verhuel, Senior Associate, Research, Analysis, Studies and Performance Management.

placeholdMonitoring and Evaluation, Integrated Security and Development

Adriaan Verhuel is a senior international consultant and practitioner with broad experience in security analysis, peace building and development, peacekeeping operations, and DDR/security sector reform. He has extensive experience in analysing issues from different perspectives (political, military, operational, social and legal) for the UN, the World Bank, USG, and the Government of Netherlands.

He is experienced at determining both short and long-term priorities and courses of action on complex transitional issues. Mr. Verhuel has thirty years’ experience in the areas of post-conflict peace, security, human rights, development and stability. He has worked in the academia, the private sector, and for international organizations on four different continents with a regional focus on Africa. He has a BA in Law and an MA in International Relations from Leiden University, Netherlands. He is fluent in Dutch, English, and French.

Prabin B Khadka, Associate, Research, Analysis, Studies and Performance Management.

placeholdResearch & Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation in International Development

Pravin Khadka is a Monitoring and Evaluation consultant specializing in micro-level project evaluations on community driven interventions, refugees, and re-integration of former combatants. His M&E specializations include survey designs and implementation, and behavioral games in a lab-in-the field setting in sub-Saharan Africa, West Africa, and Nepal.

Previous work includes difficult to find micro-level experimental and observational data collection in such remote and austere environments as South Sudan, the DRC Congo, Gaza, Nepal, Ivory Coast, Kurdistan, and Uganda. Prabin is currently a Ph.D. candidate in International Political Economy at New York University.

Well versed in statistical software such as SPSS, STATA and R, his research uses quantitative approaches in politics and focuses on two areas: lab-in-the-field methods, observing insurgent groups from Nepal, Ivory Coast, and Kurdistan; applying the principal-agent problem to study why some UN peacekeeping missions are successful at the micro level in keeping peace whereas others fail. He uses micro-level panel datasets on peacekeepers from the DRC Congo and South Sudan. A former military officer, he served two UN Peacekeeping tours in the Congo.

Mr. Khadka also worked as a civilian staff with the United Nations in South Lebanon, Chad, West Bank, and Ivory Coast. He is a graduate of the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and has an MA in International Security from the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.

Anup Phuyal, Associate, Research, Analysis, Studies and Performance Management.

placeholdExpert in Research & Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation in International Development

Anup Phuyal is a researcher and analyst specializing in post-conflict peacebuilding. A former military officer with extensive United Nations peacekeeping experiences with deployments in East Timor and Sudan, he has first-hand experience of working in the zones of ethnic conflict and civil war.

Currently, Mr. Phuyal is a doctoral candidate at the University of Kentucky, with research focus on civil wars and post-conflict peacebuilding. His work examines the influence of armed conflict on individual behavior and how the fear of violence shapes electoral outcomes in post-conflict countries, using survey analyses and quantitative cross-sectional approaches.

His co-authored research on disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration of South Sudanese ex-combatants has been published in International Studies Quarterly, a peer-reviewed journal. After last year’s earthquakes in Nepal, he visited the country to work on a joint project with the Asia Foundation to assess the impact of the disaster.

Mr. Phuyal is a graduate of the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, UK and a graduate of the Ranger and Infantry Officer’s Advanced Course at Fort Benning, USA. Mr. Phuyal has an MSc in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics and expects to receive his PhD in Political Science focusing on international relations from the University of Kentucky in Fall 2016.

Christopher J Ferrero, Senior Associate National Security Education & Training.

placeholdResearch & Analysis, Foreign Policy and Middle East

Christopher J. Ferrero is a political scientist with thirteen years of experience in government, the private sector, and the academia. He possesses doctoral-level training in international affairs with specializations in international security and the Middle East. His doctoral dissertation analyzes US foreign policy toward Iran. His previous work in the US government and the private sector focused on arms control, nonproliferation, and export compliance. He is currently a Fellow at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.

Mr. Ferrero works in areas that leverage his expertise in politics and security, broadly defined, and has skills in research, investigations, analysis, writing, public speaking, education/training, project management, and strategic thinking.


Michael Griffin, Senior Associate National Security Education and Training.

Website_MGriffinPic_2013_10-e1381162514253Intelligence and Program Management

Michael Griffin has more than thirty years of experience supporting programs across the federal government, specifically in the Department of Defense, the Department of State, and the Department of Homeland Security, and the intelligence community. Previously he served as the Vice President of Culmen International where he specialized in operations, program management, and corporate development.

Prior to Culmen, Mr. Griffin was the Director of North American Business Development and Congressional Affairs with Olive Group North America, a leading provider of global security solutions. Prior to consulting work, he held various positions supporting both the Department of Defense and the intelligence community as an Operations Intelligence Officer in the United States Air Force, and Air Force Reserve.

Mr. Griffin currently serves on the Leadership Council of the American Red Cross, Arlington County and Alexandria chapters. He is also a Special Advisor to the Executive Vice President of National Partnerships for America’s Promise Alliance Director of Ready Nation, where he supports outreach efforts to business leaders and mobilizes support for early childhood policies and programs.

He has held positions as the first Chairman of the Government Affairs Committee and member of the Executive Committee for the International Stabilization Operations Association (ISOA) and has been active as a member of the Professional Services Council, Government Affairs Committee and National Guard Association of the US (NGAUS), AFCEA, and NDIA.

Paul Flaherty, Senior Associate for National Security Education and Training.

placeholdProgram Management and Growth

Paul Flaherty has over thirty years of corporate experience, including twenty-five years in developing winning solutions in Federal Government contracts, which resulted in over $3.5 billion in contract awards.

A seasoned executive, Mr. Flaherty has extensive experience managing teams to success. His early experience as the Program Manager of Underwater Systems led to the successful launch of several companies. Mr. Flaherty has financed, developed, and sold manufacturing, services, and consulting companies over past twenty years.

His background in engineering and program management has enabled him to be a valuable resource for companies such as Lockheed Martin (Perry Offshore), GE, Morrison Knudsen, URS (EG&G Division), and L-3 Communications as well as several small and medium business entities, where he has aided in strategic development.

Mr. Flaherty specializes in strategic development and execution, assisting companies to expand into adjacent markets and customers by winning new contracts. His specialty is winning transformational contracts for small to medium companies through the use of teaming, partnership, and strategic alliances developed throughout his long career.

Joel Woodard, Senior Associate Project Start up Support

placeholdPhysical Security and Site Assessment

Joel Woodward is a retired US Army Special Force colonel with extensive experience in physical security planning and site security assessments with recent project experience in Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Mexico, Brazil, and the Gulf of Mexico. Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, he has advised senior leaders and trained and coached mid-level managers for managing site security.

He was engaged in bilateral engagements with various Brazilian security agencies to provide assistance in preparing for major events including a Papal visit, the World Cup, and the Olympics. He also has recent experience in expanding security cooperation efforts and training with Mexico through personal relationships and engagements with senior Mexican leaders, successfully overcoming their historical and cultural resistance to working with US and foreign forces.

He has been involved in assessing capabilities and requirements and tailoring security cooperation programs according to assessment and evaluation findings. He has influenced senior Mexican officials in adopting innovative tactics to counter threats of cartel and organized criminal groups. He also has experience working with US federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies in integrating special operations support into a diverse range of homeland security requirements.

Darryl Starks, Polygraph Examiner

Jack Cowan, Examiner

Michele for Interpretation

Steven Kroll, Research

Rick Taylor for Financial Planning