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Project History

Our projects have had a positive impact and reach in over thirty-five countries in critical areas of international development. Our robust Human Rights Inclusive Development practice has supported the implementation of advocacy capacity-building programs and the creation of protocols and materials to improve legislative processes and evaluative services that initiate institutional improvements to assist marginalized populations. BlueLaw works with the Department of State/INL to deliver law enforcement development programs in the US and abroad in order to raise the level of professionalism for law enforcement professionals, equip them with the skills to manage resources more efficiently, and to combat crime more effectively. 

Our projects worldwide allow us to support good governance and the rule of law on behalf of a variety of donors and to put the ingenuity, experience, and efficiency of our staff to support programs that can bring about positive change. 


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Democracy, Governance & Rule of Law

  • One Billion Strong – Shaffallah Center – Worldwide – 2010-2013
    BlueLaw worked to support the implementation of a global initiative that will not only make lasting contributions to the rights of persons with disabilities around the world but also capture innovations and lessons learned to encourage future action and advocacy for human rights globally and locally.
  • Albania Anti-Corruption – USAID (funded by MCC) – Albania – September 2006 – September 2008
    As the primary implementing subcontractor for Component 3 of the Albania MCC Anti-Corruption project, BlueLaw International implemented country-wide public procurement reform and other cross-cutting support (including support to media efforts) largely related to e-procurement, aimed at significantly reducing opportunities for corruption and making better use of public funds by professionalizing the Government procurement process.
  • Egypt Administration of Criminal Justice under Regional Democracy Initiative (REDI) – USAID – Cairo, Egypt – April 2006 – March 2011
    BlueLaw‘s AOCJ project team worked closely with the Egyptian Prosecutor General‘s Office (PGO) to improve the administration of the criminal justice system. BlueLaw used automation to enhance the efficiency of the PGO, expand the capacity of its nascent public defense systems, and increase judicial and prosecutorial knowledge about human rights legal principles and norms.
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Human Rights & Inclusive Development
  • Burundi Policy Reform Program – USAID – Burundi – December 1, 2007 – August 30, 2010 BlueLaw implemented the following activities in support of this project: (1) provide legal services and healing opportunities to at least 125 victims of torture; (2) managerial skill development through a sub-award to civil society organizations working with victims of torture to expand the availability of legal recourses as well as healing opportunities; (3) technical assistance to civil society organizations to enable them to engage in processes of consulting primary stakeholders when it comes to advocating for reforms that eradicate torture in Burundi; (4) provision of organizational and financial support to victims-led associations through round tables and media programs to promote advocacy against torture on the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture; and (5) funding for and facilitate the participation of at least 25 members of victims associations to international study tours on victims of torture issues.
  • Towards the Full Inclusion of People with Disabilities: Examining the Accessibility of Overseas Facilities and Programs Funded by the United States – National Council on Disability (NCD) Washington, D.C. and worldwide – Sept 2009 – Sept 2010 BlueLaw International, LLC produced a comprehensive report to examine and review the responsibilities of public and private U.S. government-funded overseas facilities and programs. The main objective of the program was to examine and review the responsibilities and compliance of public and private U.S.-funded overseas facilities and programs to determine how inclusive and accessible they were to people with disabilities.
  • Iran ELA USAID/DOS – Iran, Turkey, US – Aug 2013 – July 2015 During this 2-year cooperative agreement, BLI, its sub-contractor the Burton Blatt Institute of Syracuse University (BBI), and local partners sought to improve the capacity of Iranian citizens and civil society groups to organize and advocate for citizen interest, hold the state accountable, and enhance their abilities to protect internationally recognized legal rights.
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Security & Justice and Police Capacity Development

  • Iraq Civilian Advisory Support (ICAS) – DOS-INL – Iraq – May 2008-February 2010 
    The project sought to accomplish several distinct tasks as part of an overall effort to build the capacity of the Iraqi Higher Judicial Council, Ministry of Justice, and Ministry of Interior to manage the national criminal justice system. These included: Judicial Education and Development Institute (JEDI), Criminal Justice & Police Capacity Development; Iraqi Justice Integration Project (IJIP); Iraqi Higher Judicial Council Court Administration Project (IH-CAP); and Judicial Protection Project (JPP).

  • Paraguay Threshold Country Plan—Formalization of Economic Activities –  USAID 
    – Paraguay – May 2006-May 2008
    BlueLaw International (BLI) implemented the Paraguay Formalization of Economic Activities project for MCC’s Threshold Country Plan, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and USAID. The project addressed government agencies’ ability to respond to the needs of the private sector, including efforts to decrease corruption in the public sector, improve government effectiveness, promote rule of law, and create a secure and enabling environment for formal economic activities. BLI was responsible for the project’s customs and border control component (Component 7), whose goal was to increase the value of seizures of merchandise from US $3 to $7.5 million over the life of the project and to promote the sustainability of anti-corruption efforts in Paraguay.

  • Mock Trial Forensic Training Program – US Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory (USACIL) Forest Park, Georgia, USA – Sept 2010 – July 2011
    BlueLaw International (subcontractor) and Analytic Services, Inc. (ANSER, prime contractor) supported USACIL’s goal to provide a realistic mock trial courtroom experience consistent with policies and procedures practiced in the military justice system (courts martial), trial preparation, and testimony.

Research, Analysis, Studies and Performance Management

  • Harvard Project on Disability – Harvard – Washington, D.C. and New York, NY – 2008 – 2011
    The project assisted the Executive Director of the newly established Harvard Project on Disability, based at Harvard Law School in strategic planning and knowledge management that included organizing research, analysis, program design, evaluations, and performance support services. The purpose was to advance Harvard’s work as a leading academic and research institution to provide technical assistance on disability law, policy, programming, and evaluation support to national human rights institutions, disabled peoples’ organizations and governments.
  • Egypt Human Rights: Combatting Violence Against Women and Children – USAID –  Egypt – April 2006-March 2011 

    Women in Lawenforcement Policy forumDuring the first two years of the project, Research Manager Gihan Abou Zeid guided the design and implementation of a first-of-its-kind survey to provide accurate qualitative and quantitative information on violence against women in Egypt. The study team included senior experts from the Egyptian private sector, academic institutions, NGO representatives, and the CVAWC project team. In addition to the study, the study team created an in-depth series of recommendations to guide NCW leadership in policy development and support advocacy activities and to serve, along with the survey data, as a solid basis for specific interventions by the NCW, other government institutions, NGOs and donors to reduce violence in the lives of Egyptian women going forward. The study and its recommendations were reviewed in detail at a two-day retreat attended by over sixty senior Egyptian participants, including academics, religious leaders, NGO activists and educators, and government policy-makers.

  • Haiti Strategic Review Project – INL-PSU – Haiti – June 2010
    Shortly after the magnitude 7.3 earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010, INL/PSU tasked BlueLaw as part of a team of experts in Criminal Justice and disaster recovery to assist the GOH and the Haitian National Police in evaluating the new demands on the country’s governance, rule of law, and security institutions.  The effort of the team included travel to Haiti for participation in on-the-ground assessments and cooperation in the US to update a strategic plan for the INL to re-focus their efforts to provide assistance to the GOH and the HNP, corrections, counter-narcotics and criminal justice systems.
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National Security Education & Training
  • Center for Civil-Military Relations – U.S. Navy – Poland, Africa, and Ft. Bliss – Oct – 2013 – Oct 2014 As a subcontractor to Deloitte Consulting LLP, BlueLaw supported the regional seminars and distance learning programs offered by Center for Civil-Military Relations Leader Development Education for Sustained Peace, which prepare senior military leaders for short- and long-term engagement in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Africa, the Pacific, Central Asia and other regions around the world.  BlueLaw provided subject matter experts and instructors in key areas of regional priorities, for example, working with Afghanistan transitional forces and multilateral and inter-organizational coordination, including coordinating with NGO and civil society groups to achieve strategic security and defense objectives.  Most recently, BlueLaw also provided instructors who were experts in United Nations African Union Peacekeeping Operations for a seminar tailored for the U.S. Army in Africa.
  • Security Sector Reform, BRDG IQC – USAID – Washington, DC – Sept 2008 – Aug 2011 BlueLaw International took the lead on several SSR initiatives, including a major interagency effort on maritime security sector reform. The Security Sector Reform program worked directly with USAID to provide expert advisory, research, and implementation in support of the latter’s efforts to expand its technical programming capacity and leadership in security sector reform.
  • Southern Sudan Transformation Training and Advisory Team – Government of Southern Sudan – Sudan – May 2008 – May 2010 BlueLaw advisors and trainers provided expertise and training to SPLA general officers in basic staff skills, civil-military relations in a democracy, rules of engagement, law of armed conflict, military decision-making processes, military justice, operations and plans, and numerous other capacity-building measures.
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Past Services
  • Polygraph Examination Support Services – Department of Home Land Security –Customs and Border Patrol –  Texas and California – July 2014 – July 2015 BlueLaw provided DHS-CBP Law Enforcement Pre-employment Test (LEPET) polygraph examinations inclusive of project management, which included the provision of five professional, federally inspected and approved polygraph facilities, comprehensive and efficient exam scheduling, provision of polygraph equipment (twelve Lafayette instruments), and program management oversight.
  • Chemonics, Assessment and Support for USAID SSR West Bank Gaza BlueLaw subject matter experts provided Chemonics proposal team on the ground reconnaissance support in response to a USAID BRDG IQC task order bid for West Bank and Gaza.
  • Chemonics, Assessment and Support for Nepal Transition Initiative BlueLaw subject matter experts provided Chemonics proposal team on the ground reconnaissance support in response to a USAID OTI SWIFT II IQC task order bid for Nepal.
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  • Building Recovery and Reform Through Democratic Governance (BRDG) IQC – Subcontractor USAID ($750,000,000), 2005-2010, (Security and Justice) The BRDG IQC contract provided USAID Washington and Missions access to a wide variety of services in the areas of democracy and governance, civil society, private sector development as well as education, health, infrastructure, and security assistance. This contract served the areas of reinforcing and promoting state legitimacy, public management and administration, and policy and institutional reform.
  • Encouraging Global Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Efforts (ENGAGE) – Subcontractor USAID ($750,000,000), 2007-2012 (Security and Justice) In order to aid USAID missions around the world in their anti-corruption efforts, Encouraging Global Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Efforts (ENGAGE) IQC supported transparency, accountability, and anticorruption measures through a variety of task orders.
  • Regional Democracy Initiatives — Justice (REDI-Justice) – Subcontractor USAID ($150,000,000), 2006-2011 (Security and Justice) The Regional Democracy Initiatives (REDI)- Justice IQC supported the Cairo Mission of USAID in the areas of justice sector strengthening, human rights, strengthening legislative functions and legal frameworks, and promoting and supporting anti-corruption reforms. BLI provided several long term advisors on task orders for this program, and numerous short term subject matter experts to strengthen the Egyptian justice sector and to meet the goals of the program.
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