Approach & Impact

BlueLaw management’s vision is to build an international development consulting firm with a well-earned reputation with following specific goals:

  • A firm that designs and deliver innovative solutions incorporating cross-functional disciplines and subject matter expertise from across security and development sectors
  • A firm that operates in uncertain, fast-changing and austere environments and translate its projects into measurable results with a lasting impact
  • A firm that celebrates and embraces different views, ideologies, disciplines, and people and is able to convert such diversity into unified, reliable, and coherent project implementation capacities

We believe the achievement of these goals depends on the temperament, technical qualifications, and a diverse range of expertise of its people. We seek out people who are strategic thinkers, who take a hands-on approach to being a leader — and or a follower, as the situation demands — and are willing to build relationships across traditional boundaries of gender, culture, race, organization, and ideologies. We respect people with the willingness to appreciate differences and we learn from, leverage, and share knowledge with one another.  We are a group who put a premium on interpersonal communication, teamwork, and trust and are willing to put the mission before other things so that everyone feels they are working towards a common goal. We want our junior level employees to feel empowered to operate with minimal supervision while maximizing creativity, initiative and diligence. Our approach, values, management policies, recruitment policies, backgrounds of our people and project teams, organization structure, and business decisions and practice are influenced by this underlying philosophy.