Local Government Clients

Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)
Founded in 1861, the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is one of the ten largest local police agencies in the United States. In support of MPD’s hiring goals, BlueLaw provides comprehensive polygraph testing services including conducting Law Enforcement Pre-Employment Test (LEPET) for entry-level police recruits, cadet, and Reserve Corps police recruits. Polygraph testing in this form helps law enforcement agencies to better determine the suitability of applicants. Fifteen BlueLaw examiners, all federally or APA-certified, support this contract.

BlueLaw maintains six professional, fully equipped, federal and APA-standard polygraph suites in the DC area in support of this contract. BlueLaw additionally provides all scheduling services using advanced scheduling software.

Non-Profit and Educational Institute Affiliations
Our non-profit and educational institute affiliations consist of non-profit organizations and think thanks with whom we have partnered to implement projects. Below are some well- known organizations we have partnered with or provided services to.

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Analytic Services, Inc (ANSER):
BlueLaw International partnered with Analytic Services, Inc. (ANSER) to implement the United States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory (USACIL) contract, where we provided participants with realistic mock trial courtroom experience consistent with policies and procedures practiced in the military justice system (courts martial), trial preparation, and testimony. BlueLaw brought together experienced prosecutors and defense legal practitioners who have been prosecutors or defense attorneys in military criminal cases that incorporated probative forensic evidence in order to give participants a unique perspective on the military legal process.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory (MIT Lincoln Lab):
BLI experts provided legal advice services to MIT Lincoln Lab in the areas of environmental compliance, foreign ownership and technology transfer issues, related Arms Export Control Act compliance, and federal procurement law compliance.  Much of BLI’s effort is centered on compliance issues surrounding basic research versus applied research and the security concerns of each realm.

United States Institute of Peace (USIP):
BlueLaw and the Henry L. Stimson Center partnered to implement a United States Institute of Peace grant to promote bilateral and multilateral track II policy initiatives and people-to-people programs to advance mutual understanding and positive avenues of interaction using inclusive education, disability policy, gender and human rights as a bridge builder in Civil Society Initiative. The program promoted cross-cultural dialogue between Iranians and American human rights experts.

International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES):
BlueLaw and IFES have partnered on many important past projects around the world. These projects focused on expanding access to the electoral system by persons with disabilities. This was accomplished in various ways, including partnering with local disabled persons organizations (DPOs), writing instructional manuals, and modifying facilities to accommodate persons with disabilities.

American Institutes for Research (AIR):
BlueLaw has partnered with the American Institutes for Research (AIR), and provided technical assistance and support to governments and local disabled peoples organizations (DPOs) on inclusive development policy, and provided training on inclusive development best practices in rule of law and public health areas for USAID mission personnel and USAID staff and implementing partners in Washington, D.C.

Harvard Law School Project on Disability (HPOD):
BlueLaw and Harvard Law School have partnered on many projects under the school’s Project on Disability (HPOD). BlueLaw assisted HPOD during its early years especially in its strategic planning efforts as well as program design and implementation in the field. The purpose was to advance Harvard’s work as a leading academic institution providing technical assistance on disability law, policy, and programming to national human rights institutions, disabled peoples’ organizations and governments. Over the years, BLI and HPOD have worked on several projects together to advance the rights of persons with disabilities.

American University Center for Global Peace (AU-CGP):
BlueLaw collaborated with American University’s Center for Global Peace to implement Iraq Election Education Project to build local capacity for sustainable engagement in civil society through participation in elections in the three governorates (Anbar, Ninewah, and Salahaddin) that experienced the lowest voter turnouts in 2005 elections. BlueLaw also supported CGP in the development of a proposal for the establishment of a virtual Master’s Program in Disability and Development Policy funded by the Nissan Foundation.

University of Minnesota Human Rights Resource Centre (UM-HRRC):
BlueLaw collaborated with the University of Minnesota’s Human Rights Resource Center to draft the UN-endorsed comprehensive human rights education manual.

Shafallah Center for Children with Special Needs:
The Shafallah Center for Children with Special Needs offers comprehensive educational, instructional, rehabilitation, social, vocational, and recreational services for children with special needs and it has established an international presence in providing training opportunities to other entities specializing in these fields. BlueLaw has partnered with Shafallah Center to support it in the areas of rule of law, disability policy, advocacy training, and capacity building.

World Vision International:
Under the One Billion Strong project, BlueLaw administered a grant to World Vision International to provide occupational training and care to persons with disabilities.

World Disability Foundation, Istanbul Turkey (WDU):
BlueLaw has collaborated with WDU, Turkey on several occasions to help organize the World Disability Symposium and U.N Conference of the State Parties to the CRPD.

European Foundation Center (EFC):
BlueLaw advised EFC’s research project on advising the EU on public international law and in the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

CARE Austria:
BlueLaw collaborated with CARE Austria in a series of studies concerning disabilities in the Russian Federation titled, Rehabilitation System: Services for the Disabled, Russian Federation.