Security & Justice, and Police Capacity Development (SJ-PCD)

Our rule of law and human rights work complements our efforts in building capacity in organizations that provide security, justice, and law enforcement services to the communities. Under this practice, BlueLaw experts train, advise, and assist law enforcement, security and justice institutions and personnel in their efforts to develop democratic, sustainable, and effective public safety and security systems.  Our senior associates specialize in a wide spectrum of subjects relevant to the criminal justice and law enforcement systems. Drawing on their own justice and law enforcement sector experience, our senior associates help police organizations develop better administrative decision making capabilities, improve human capital management and establish public polices and processes that guard against inefficiency, corruption, and abuse of authority.

We work closely with our counterparts in various countries or on site to assess community and organizational requirements so that we can provide tailored advice, training, and mentoring services.  Our work in this area has included:

• Working with US Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (DOS-INL) to give advanced training to senior police officials from around the world at the International Law Enforcement Academy in Roswell, NM.

• Initiating, implementing, and managing a formal process of capturing INL’s practical policy, management and implementation experience in doctrinal documents; and considering the criminal justice system’s relationship to areas such as customs/border security, civil society support, counter-narcotics, and other areas of national and international crime prevention.
• Supplying top advisors, including the majority of key personnel, throughout all phases of the Justice & Law Enforcement Assistance program in Iraq, winning consistent praise from the INL Directors in Baghdad and INL program staff in Washington, D.C.
• Advising and assisting the Government of Morocco with the reform of its juvenile justice system, specifically to improve the safety and services of Morocco’s Child Protection Centers (CPCs).

We have full-time staff and associate specialists to support our work in this practice.