BlueLaw International

About BlueLaw

We are a small, women-owned international development firm dedicated to the promotion of good governance, the rule of law, human security, and human rights around the world. We have worked with the US Government, foreign governments, and local and international organizations since 2004.

  • Mission

Our mission is to foster transparent and responsible government systems, engaged civil societies that contribute to nation building, and prosperous and stable communities that are inclusive through the professionalization of national security, judiciary and law enforcement systems.

  • Values

We treat our clients, partners, the communities we serve, and each other with respect and honesty in all our dealings. We strive to deliver our services in a timely, technically proficient, and cost effective manner incorporating best practices and the proven expertise of our qualified employees and consultants.

We measure the effectiveness and capability of our company based on the motivation of our team and we achieve cohesion by looking after the collective welfare and well-being of our employees and consultants.

  • History

BlueLaw International LLP has been offering subject matter expertise and support services to Government customers since 2004. We have worked in more than thirty-five countries with our projects supporting the development goals of governments, organizations, and communities across five continents. We have also transformed over the years: we have been through a merger; we have progressed from being a 100% sub-contract dependent small business to a stable small business with its own prime contracts; and we have added new capabilities and services to our portfolio catering to the evolving needs of our customers. Our capacity to adapt to the dynamic nature of our business environment has resulted in the improvement of our substantive technical capabilities, financial system and internal controls, project management, and the overall quality and reliability of the services we deliver to our clients.

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