Democracy, Governance, and Rule of Law (DG-ROL)

BlueLaw enhances the systems and organizations that provide justice and stability as well as the public’s access to them.  Our work in this area ranges from court administration reform and judicial training to strategic judicial administration efforts.  We recognize that sound public administration is the cornerstone on which a government can build consistent and transparent processes for its citizenry, so we work diligently with our counterparts across the world to create administrative programs that offer lasting solutions through a combination of international best practices and local experience.

As part of this process, BlueLaw experts continually seek out the gaps in the knowledge base that supports international development efforts and move to fill them through teaching and regular publication.  Some of the efforts that we have supported in this practice area are as follows:

• Working alongside Higher Judicial Council in Iraq to rationalize and standardize manpower requirements, develop standardized case management processes, introduce strategic budgeting and capital investment planning processes
• Creating a standardized ethics training curriculum for the Indonesian Supreme Court and providing training for more than 500 judges, reviewing court’s finance and budget processes, developing stronger, more stable human resources processes for court system
• Developing a human rights-based due process training program for prosecutors and judges in Egypt
• Improving the transparency of Albania’s public procurement process to aid in their quest for EU accession and leading practical process reviews of court operations in Albania and Ukraine in order to create new administrative courts
• Designing and implementing mock trial training for the United States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory’s (USACIL) program for forensic examiners
We have full-time staff and associate specialists who support our work in this practice.