Past Projects

The International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA), Roswell

BlueLaw International works with the Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs to provide ILEA Roswell with management and implementation of courses in criminal justice, criminal policy, and legal and regulatory issues for approximately ten sessions per year (thirty-five students per session). Myron Golden serves as its Program Director, with BlueLaw’s Dr. Jorey Krawczyn as Academic Program Director and Susie Russell as Training Coordinator.

While the primary mission of ILEA Roswell is “to promote international cooperation among law enforcement agencies”, ILEA also has the broader goal of raising the level of professionalism in policing and criminal justice systems around the world.

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To fulfill these goals, the United States has worked with partner countries to establish four other regional ILEAs across the world, serving Europe, South America, and Asia. Unlike these regional academies, ILEA Roswell focuses on criminal justice from an academic point of view. In addition to communicating the Department of State’s foreign policy objectives to international participants, ILEA Roswell offers an unprecedented opportunity for global collaboration and collegiality in the fight against transnational crime.

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USAID and DOS Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (NEA) Cooperative Agreement Iran – Enabling Legal Advocacy (ELA)
BlueLaw provides project implementation and subject matter expertise to USAID and DOS Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (NEA) under a Cooperative Agreement. Together with its sub-contractor, the Burton Blatt Institute of Syracuse University (BBI) and local implementing partners, BlueLaw supports civil society efforts to advance the capacity of Iranian citizens and civil society groups to organize and advocate for citizen interest and in enhancing the capability of Iranians to protect internationally recognized legal rights.

Department of Home Land Security – Transportation Security Agency (DHS-TSA)
As a sub-contractor to Potomac Management Services, BlueLaw provides the Transportation Security Administration – Office of Inspection (OOI) / Technical Services Branch (TSB) and The Federal Air Marshall Service (FAMS) Polygraph Examination Support Services in support of pre-employment screening activities.

USAID Bangladesh Cooperative Agreement – Expanding Participation of People with Disabilities
This project aims to empower Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs) to advance UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) implementation in their local communities by strengthening their capacity for legal advocacy through strategic recourse to the Persons with Disabilities Rights and Protection Act, 2013 (DRPA) district-level committees.