Research, Analysis, Studies and Performance Management (RA-PM)

At BlueLaw, our basic philosophy follows the adage, “what gets measured, gets done.” The underlying design of BlueLaw’s research, analysis, studies and performance management practice are, therefore, based on proven program measurement and evaluation best practices and supported by experts in quantitative and qualitative research and analysis, data collection and management, survey, statistical analysis, monitoring and evaluation, and performance and impact evaluations.

Together our experienced team members help clients deliver the highest standards of programs and projects by helping clients measure realistic, achievable, and specific results organized into program relevant tools and framework. Our experts also help clients identify and develop indicators that provide useful snapshots of their program’s progress and impact, while simultaneously advising them on how the results can be integrated into the framework to enhance performance.

Our monitoring and evaluation team have helped clients demonstrate accountability, measure performance and impact, and deliver coherent and effective development programs. Since 2005, BlueLaw experts have implemented a combination of over 100 democracy and governance, rule of law, anti-corruption, and law enforcement capacity development programs, projects, and short-term assignments in more than thirty-five countries. Our team members are experts within the discipline of measurement and evaluation and also have first-hand experience in BlueLaw’s practice areas in diverse geographical settings. 

Our team enable clients achieve desired objectives through surveys, data collection, research, and analysis leading to measuring tangible results. Our team also assist clients to achieve functional understanding of intangible outputs through identification and development of program indicators. Clients are better positioned to adjust program activities upon learning what worked and what did not in the programs and why. 

Our team’s approach to performance measurement and management begins with the premise that the primary purpose of our service is not to simply collect large amounts of qualitative or quantitative data. Instead, the output of our measurement services informs decision-making, promotes accountability, increases aid effectiveness, and reinforces budget and resource expenditure discipline using reasonable, targeted data collection techniques.

In addition, BlueLaw provides capability to produce outcome-focused studies, including area studies, as well as assessments that provide a solid foundation for work across all practice areas.

  • Under a direct award from the US Department of State, BlueLaw provided a range of research, analysis programming, and performance management support to the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (DOS -INL). BlueLaw’s support helped improve the effectiveness and efficiency of INL programming worldwide. BlueLaw provided assistance to initiate, manage, and undertake a formal process of capturing INL’s practical policy, management and implementation experience in doctrinal documents aimed at improving criminal justice systems. BlueLaw also assisted INL in designing programing, staffing and recruitment strategies and deployed expert teams to the field to aid in developing program performance monitoring plans and strategies.
  • For the DOS-INL, Blue Law has provided rapid need assessments teams. Days after the earthquake of 2010 in Haiti, BlueLaw assessment team was deployed on site to update and re-focus INL’s efforts to provide assistance to the Government of Haiti, the Haitian National Police, corrections, counter-narcotics and criminal justice systems.
  • BlueLaw conducted needs assessment for USAID Burundi Policy Reform project that included site visits with three Burundian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to assess Human Rights organizational activities, program sustainability, and impact measurement methodologies. BlueLaw also helped design and develop transitional justice studies.
  • BlueLaw conducted a study for the US National Council on Disability that assessed and evaluated the implementation of USAID’s disability policy and associated disability inclusive development practices in US foreign assistance programming.
  • BlueLaw collaborated with Harvard Law School, Advocating Change Together, University of Minnesota Human Rights Centre and Disabled Peoples’ International, to research, draft, edit, and produce Human Rights. YES! Action and Advocacy on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, a participatory human rights education manual endorsed by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. 

We have regular staff and associate specialists that support our work in this practice.