BLI’s ILEA Program makes the Roswell Daily Record

Roswell Chamber of Commerce and Police Department hosted welcome reception or ILEA Candidates. On September 25, 2014, the Roswell Daily Record ran a cover page article on the new candidates at the International Law Enforcement Academy in Roswell, New Mexico.

Delegates from Montenegro, Serbia, and Romania attended a reception welcoming them to the City of Roswell, New Mexico. The event was hosted by the Roswell Chamber of Commerce and the Roswell Police Department. The Roswell Chief of Police, Phil Smith delivered a short comment followed by Roswell City Manager, Larry Fry; Luis Diaz-Rodriguez of the State Department, which administers the program; and the ILEA Program Director, Myron Golden.

City Manager Fry said of ILEA, “The ILEA program is one we highly value in the city. The key to the program remains the delegates and the information that is relayed to you in the process.”

One of the participants, Antonio Doru Marinciu of Romania, said this of the program, “We are very happy with what we’ve done so far at ILEA. It is indeed a very special program through which we obtain knowledge that we can share back home.”