BlueLaw International


We are a small, women-owned international development firm dedicated to the promotion of good governance, the rule of law, human security, and human rights around the world. We have worked with the US Government, foreign governments, and local and international organizations since 2004.

Approach & Impact

BlueLaw management’s vision is to build an international development consulting firm with a well-earned reputation with following specific goals:
  • A firm that designs and deliver innovative solutions incorporating cross-functional disciplines and subject matter expertise from across security and development sectors
  • A firm that operates in uncertain, fast-changing and austere environments and translate its projects into measurable results with a lasting impact
  • A firm that celebrates and embraces different views, ideologies, disciplines, and people and is able to convert such diversity into unified, reliable, and coherent project implementation capacities.


BLI’s interest in promoting stronger, more democratic processes and systems that allow full participation by all constituencies in society has led to the formation of integrated practice areas. We believe that expanding the state’s capacity to create efficient administrative practices and to enforce laws that support transparent and equitable governance will provide the stability that enables societal growth.

And because that growth must be initiated and strengthened from the inside out, beginning with solid security and justice sector institutions, we work hard to develop programs that consider both local concerns and progressive global practices.

BlueLaw’s work on a variety of Department of Defense, Department of Home Land Security, Department of State, and USAID projects illustrates this focus on good governance, rule of law, and accountable security institutions in the belief that people have the right to participate openly and fully in their societies.


BlueLaw International LLP is a dynamic and non-traditional company that seeks outstanding candidates for a wide range of rewarding legal and technical service to governments, donors, private commercial clients, and non-governmental organizations in the U.S. and in developing and transitional countries.

BlueLaw is committed to recruiting, retaining, and promoting professionals with diverse backgrounds and to promoting diversity through our recruitment and retention efforts and through the company’s emphasis on training and professional development